To combat air and noise pollution from vehicles on its roads, the Punjab Police have adopted strict anti-violation measures. In a recent case, a repeat offender was arrested for driving a tractor equipped with an illegal 52-speaker audio system known to make loud noises. The Punjab police team determined that the culprits installed the music system on the tractor, making it taller than a typical truck. 

The incident occurred in Khanna village, Punjab, where a young man was arrested for driving a completely rebuilt tractor with various modifications and custom features. The highlight of the modification was the 52-speaker sound system installed by the tractor owner. 

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The entire audio system, consisting of speakers and amplifiers, was mounted at the rear of the tractor. The police noted that the overall structure, reaching a height of 10-12 feet, exceeded the height of a regular heavy-duty truck. Additionally, the tractor owner was found to be causing disturbances outside schools and colleges by playing excessively loud music from the heavily modified audio system. Furthermore, the tractor was also equipped with a pressure horn, which is prohibited.

The incident happened in Khanna village

Punjab police have arrested a tractor owner who repeatedly violated traffic safety rules. Police said the owner had previously been arrested and warned for similar behaviour but had disobeyed the rules. When the owner of a tractor equipped with an illegal music system and horn was arrested, he tried to escape by driving the tractor at high speed. However, the traffic police managed to detain him and detain him along with the tractor.

A subsequent investigation revealed that the tractor owner had previously been charged with six separate counts. The tractor was found to have been driving without valid insurance, discharge certificate and registration certificate, further complicating the situation for the owner. Police have filed multiple complaints against the tractor owner and said further trials are expected in the district court. They also suggested that fines imposed on tractor owners could range from Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 2 lakh. 

What modifications are allowed?

Certain modifications can be made to the vehicle without changing the manufacturer’s original specifications. These included cosmetic changes such as a repaint of the car, minor additions such as a rain visor and bumper corner protectors, larger tires and wheels within limits set by the automaker, and pre-approved by the RTO. Including engine replacement. However, if any of these rules are violated, the vehicle owner faces fines such as a fine of Rs.5,000 per alteration or imprisonment for up to six months.

It is important to note that vehicle structural modifications are not permitted by law in India. The Supreme Court of India and the Motor Vehicles Act prohibit such modifications for use on public roads. These vehicles can be used as project vehicles or on private property such as racetracks or farms but can be seized by police if found on public roads. 

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