According to a Mozilla investigation, major automakers including Nissan gather and exchange personal information. In the analysis, automotive brands from the US, Germany, Japan, France, and South Korea were discovered to have privacy and security issues.

The Mozilla Foundation report claims that 25 major car manufacturers, including Nissan, are gathering and exchanging sensitive personal data, such as sexual activity and health information. The study uncovered privacy and security issues across car brands from the U.S., Germany, Japan, France, and South Korea.

In their evaluation, Mozilla tested 25 major car manufacturers and found that none of them met privacy standards. The organization concluded that cars have the lowest level of privacy among all the product categories they assessed.

During their assessment, researchers thoroughly examined the privacy and security issues in car brands from the United States, Germany, Japan, France, and South Korea. They dedicated approximately 600 hours to reviewing privacy policies, downloading apps, and communicating with the brands, following their ‘Privacy Not Included (PNI) buyer’s guide.’

Jen Caltrider, PNI Program Director at Mozilla, expressed concerns about the privacy issues in modern cars, stating that they collect significant amounts of personal information. The report highlights Nissan as the most problematic, with their privacy policy acknowledging the collection of sensitive data, such as details regarding sexual activity, health diagnoses, and genetic information.

According to the Mozilla blog post, car manufacturers like Nissan claim that they can share and sell consumers’ personal information, including preferences, characteristics, psychological trends, and more, to data brokers, law enforcement, and other third parties.

The Mozilla report highlights that Renault has fewer privacy issues compared to other car manufacturers. Additionally, Volkswagen is mentioned for collecting demographic data (age and gender) and driving behavior’s data (seatbelt usage and braking patterns) for targeted marketing purposes.


As mentioned in the report, Toyota’s privacy policies are considered complex with multiple documents, On the other hand, Kia’s privacy policy specifically mentions the potential collection of information related to an individual’s “sex life.”

The report also mentions that Mercedes-Benz includes TikTok, an app with its own privacy concerns, in certain vehicle models. You can find more information about this in the official report : Click here

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