Porsche’s designers created this metallic grey tone, which is used on specific exterior and interior components depending on the model.

Porsche’s Turbo series, known for its performance, is getting more exclusivity to set it apart from other models in the brand’s lineup. Turbo editions will now have a new “Turbonite” logo, while the other models will retain the modernized version of Porsche’s iconic crest, which was initially seen some time ago.

Turbo models have had a major standing at Porsche for over five decades, symbolizing tremendous performance. The Turbo range will have a special version of the modernized crest, which will prominently feature the new Turbonite color tone rather than gold.

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This metallic grey tone was created by the designers and is used on certain exterior and interior components. Porsche has stated that this distinctive differentiator will be introduced across all model lines, with the new Panamera generation leading the way, having a global premiere set for November 24, 2023.

Porsche’s color and trim experts created the Turbonite metallic tone. Future Turbo models will have Turbonite treatments on the rear lettering, daylight opening (DLO), and side window borders. Further, depending on the model series, elements such as inlays in front aprons, spokes, or aero blades in light alloy wheels may use Turbonite paints.

Turbonite is used on specified interior components such as trim strips, belt straps, and controls such as the mode switch and air conditioning control panel. The level of intricacy varies depending on the model series. When coupled with a black interior, Porsche claims that Turbonite acts as a contrasting color for seat yarn, door panel trims, instrument panels, and floor mats.

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