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Autofy U3 Fog Light for Bike / LED Light / LED Light for Bikes – Black & Blue

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  • Compatibility: Universal fit ? Compatible with all Geared/Non-Geared Bikes & Scooters
  • Material: The solid Aluminum housing makes it anti-rust, anti-collision & perfect for a long run. Optical Glass lens ensures maximum light throw on road & enhances visibility
  • Modes & Working: Throws bright WHITE LIGHT on the spot & Operates in 3 different modes ? Low Beam, High Beam and Flasher/ Strobe. Designed to work with 12V Bike/Scooter standard battery
  • Installation: The light has a positive & negative polarity wire to connect to the battery. It can be installed anywhere on the bike ? Leg Guard, Head, etc. The constant current flow ensures long life of up 30,000 service hours

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Unlike any other things you buy, the motorcycle changes you for life. When you buy a bike you are not just a guy with a bike, you become a rider. Travelling the dangerously narrow road and into the spooky long night journeys, one needs to be prepared.? The universal fog lights for cars, bikes, and scooters are a must for your travels in those foggy night.Autofy U3 Universal Fog Light for All Bikes & Cars – Black is for those who are daring enough?to venture out in the dark and add glamour to the dull night by this high-intensity light beam.

This Silver auxiliary universal LED fog light is compatible with all brands and models of bikes, cars, and scooters. Aluminium?material makes the Fog Light rustproof and waterproof. To ensure its durability and prevent excessive heating we use High-quality Optical Glass. The fog?projector has?a high wattage of 15W and 12V voltage. It produces a ?strong beam to make night visibility crystal clear for you night cruisers.?The?U3 LED Spot Light Projector is in black color.

The?U3 LED Spot Light Projector has three beam mode namely the High Beam, the Low Beam, and the Flasher Beam. This amazing quality fog light also comes in a set of two and its installation is also very easy. Auxiliary universal LED fog light has a cable attached with it. It therefore?helps to fix the beam projector on both the sides of the motorbike. The bright white light of the universal fog light for car, bike, and scooters is very useful when driving in foggy weather and conditions where the visibility is minimum.?The?auxiliary universal LED fog light is visible for a wide range of approximately 200 meters. Hence, bike extra light is available in case?of emergency.

Fog light is instalLED in addition to the Headlight. So Autofy U3 Fog light is the best LED motorcycle bike lights online.?Autofy is the brand you can rely upon for Genuineness and long-term?durability of?the auxiliary universal LED fog light.? Autofy LED?U3?fog light for bike car and scooter is available for Free Shipping only at Autofystore.com. This Autofy U2 Fog light is among the?best LED motorcycle bike lights online. It is compatible with all brands like that of TVS, Honda, Bajaj, Suzuki, Harley Davidson, Royal Enfield, Yamaha, etc. Hence, its cost efficiency is what makes it the most favored by bikers like you.

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