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Autofy TROUPER Open Face Motorbike Helmet (58cm – M, Red)

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  • Size: Medium (58 cm or 580 mm), Ideal tightness for your head which ensures max riding safety. Wearing loose Riding helmet is extremely dangerous & should be completely avoided as the motorcycle helmet may come off in a crash. Perfect fit for all adults, men, women, teenagers, youth, middle-aged people (Age 12 years ). Compact ergonomic design can easily be stored in dicky of Honda Activa, TVS Jupiter, Aviator, Mahindra Gusto, Honda Dio and other scooties for everyday commuting.
  • ISI: 4151 Certification: Provides A-grade protection to your head as this motorcycle helmet distributes all force of collision over the surface of the riding helmet, rather than concentrating on the head. Exclusive head shaped foam lining for maximum comfort. So no holding back from exploring Highways, Off-road terrains, mountains etc. as this head gear will be your safety companion in every riding scenario.
  • Adjustable High Resistance Visor: Premium quality clear visor gives enhanced 270 degrees wide range visibility, so you get to see the road better than ever with this head gear. Optimum eye to visor distance helps in avoiding fog buildup inside the visor helmet due to breadth. Perfect for riders using sunglasses, spectacles etc. as you can wear all of them without any hassle. The visor can be easily replaced with Tinted or Mirror Visors.
  • Quick Release Chin Strap Mechanism: Its Quick release strap mechanism ensures easy locking/ unlocking of open face helmet during rides & halts. The strap is adjustable, so no cutting or stitching required for increasing/ decreasing its length.
  • Premium Plastic Shell: Highly durable Plastic Outer Shell & 3 Layer Protection is capable of absorbing all the shock . Motorcycle helmet special design equally distributes the force of any collision throughout the head gear without concentrating on a single point which renders maximum head protection. Anti-Allergic Resin used inside the Open face helmet avoids bacterial infections caused due to prolonged use of the riding helmet.

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  • SIZE: 58 cm or 580 mm (Medium) – Perfect for – adults, teenagers, youth, middle-aged people (Age 12 years ).
  • ISI: 4151 certified. Foam lining on the edges to match human head shape & minimize effects of any possible impact.
  • CLEAR VISOR: Wide angle clear visor for long ride comfort. Optimum eye to visor distance, even for riders using spectacles etc. Easily Replaceable with Tinted/Mirror Visor.
  • LOCK MECHANISM: Quick release with adjustable strap for smooth fit. Crisp lock allows easy lock unlock during rides & halts.
  • MATERIAL: Fresh Plastic Outer Shell, 3 Layer Protection, Anti-Allergic Resin used inside for long lasting use.

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