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Autofy On Road Full Face Motorbike Helmet – Black Color (M/58cm)

  • Size: Medium Size 580 mm (or 58 cm) which is a standard size and fits most people
  • ISI: ISI 4151 certified helmet for uncompromised safety
  • Features: Quick-Release lock mechanism. Side vents for air-ventilation to prevent sweat & heat build-ups. Front Open design gives you a wide view angle making mountain, highway, rain driving easy and safe
  • Material: Tough Outer Polycarbonate Shell for enhanced shock resistance and Polypropylene EPS inner padding foam for comforts in long rides makes it a perfect fit for you
  • Design: Amazing Matte Finish and Attractive Star Decal making it a perfect cruiser helmet. Check size chart for an accurate fit
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Since our childhood, we have a dream of flying, dreaming about it every night. And this dream gets wings when you get your first bike. That first ride trying to match the wind is one exciting experience as you feel like you can control the wind. But as it is said with great power comes great responsibility. When riding a bike protection of the head is most important hence full face helmet is a must.

A bike helmet is important obviously but why Autofy full face helmet is the big question? First of all the polycarbonate shell of this motorcycle helmet guarantees damage relief. Then it is ISI 4151 Certified to ensure rider safety. The Polypropylene EPS inner lining of this motorcycle helmet cushions your entire face and maximizes your comfort level while driving.

The Scratch resistance property of the visor of scooter helmet is due to polycarbonate silicon hard coating. It provides perfect visibility and also protects the bike helmet from harsh weather conditions like the scorching sun, dusty routes, storms, rains, etc. and remains intact for a long passage of time.

Everyday commuters have a tough time already as you have to travel long distances under the immense heat and these local scooter helmets heat up and add to the trouble. Autofy as a brand main motto is to ensure all round comfort, so we provide full ventilation in scooter helmet and bike helmets.

The unique design of this Black colored with Matte finish full face helmet makes it desirable among all bike lover. This scooter helmet is of almost negligible weight hence make your drive a pleasure drive. The ratchet wheel strap is a special feature of the Autofy bike helmet. It ensures that the stability of the motorcycle helmet and prevent displacement when off-roading or road bumps in your way.

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Weight 1500 kg
Dimensions 32 × 25 × 25 cm
Vehicle Type


Vehicle Model


Vehicle Brand





Polycarbonate Plastic



Size In E in number Er cm


Cooling Vents


Number Of Ber of vents Ts if of vents if yes



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