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Autofy 6 LED Bar Light Universal Bike Car Fog Light – 6 MONTHS WARRANTY-Version 2-Set of 2 (24W)

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If you are a passionate biker then you know the feeling of owning a bike. Its not just a bike, it’s your metallic friend. Fog lights are an essential element of bike. Driving in rough weather, or stormy climate and obviously foggy nights the visibility is minimum and driving becomes extremely dangerous. In those conditions, fog lights are essential as it throws surplus bright white light on the road.

Autofy brings 6 LED fog light at best price with exclusive features. This fog light comes with 6 months warranty. It is an exclusive attribute of Autofy fog lights. You can contact Autofy helpline to claim your warranty. The process of claiming the warranty is very simple and the instructions are provided in the content box itself.

The 6 Led fog lights are easily compatible with all bikes and cars brands and models. Now ride freely anytime, anywhere to your loved Mountains / Highways/ Cities or extreme weather conditions, in Heavy Rainfall / Extreme Cold / Dense Fog because we have you covered. Claim your warranty in just 1 step. Choose 6 LED light for bike only for your Royal Enfield Classic, Electra, Standard, Thunderbird, Bajaj Avenger, Maruti, Toyota, Mahindra etc.

The voltage intake is 10V to 30V, which means it can be installed on bikes and cars which draw 12V and other vehicles as well as buses and trucks which draw 24V. This 6 LED fog light can also work in low battery, as low as 9.3V. This 6 LED light for bike & car has 6 SMD LED fog light giving constant 2W output making it a combined 12 Watt unit operating at approx. 2Amp current. The color temperature of 6500K gives you ultra-white smooth light to for maximum daytime and night visibility.

The 6 LED bar is very durable and strong. It is water resistant,?splash proof, and dirt proof. The 6 LED bar also has a slider attached to it which helps to adjust to any location and angle according to the vehicle type.

The material of the 6 LED bar light is aluminium housing with thermal?paste layering inside. This paste serves as an excellent heat sink, which improves the lifetime of the fog light. 6 LED light also provides a cooling effect, increasing the fog light life. For Side guards we use?ABS plastic which is very strong and rubber caps are to ensure 6 LED light for bike remains waterproof.

The material of lens is PMMA Acrylic Scratch Proof Lens and 6 LED fog light also has Metalized Virgin Plastic Reflector Cups angled at 30-degree provide the perfect spot for light. 6 LED bar light Rubber Sealants is re-enforced with Epoxy and Thermal Paste Layers for enhanced heat conduction and dissipation. It ensures remarkable 60,000 service hours.

The 6 LED bar is installed with a Condensers so that if there is a sudden voltage pump inside the fog light. Then damage to 6 LED during voltage surge can be averted. It also reduces current when the switch is off thus, increasing its life. The installation of Diodes is done inside the 6 LED light for car to prevent short circuit and reverse polarity damage. The diodes block the excessive current entering the circuit hence protect the fog light.

The Autofy 6 LED fog light for bike box contents include 2 fog lights with 2-foot long wire each, one free on/off switch, metal clamps, and screws. The fog lights is for operating the fog light. There is also 2-foot wire so that you do not need an extra wire in the installation process. The use of local wires tends to damage the lights.

6 LED light with warranty is an exclusive feature of Autofy store. Autofy as a brand gives a guarantee of genuine products and authenticity. This 6 LED bar comes with complete installation kit at such affordable price. Buying it would definitely be a smart move.

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  • WARRANTY: 6 months Warranty. Read the instructions on the warranty card to Activate & Claim your warranty.
  • Compatibility & Installation: Operating voltage 10V ? 30V. Installation kit includes FREE ON/OFF SWITCH, metal clamps & screws. Slider base to adjust according to Bike/Car.
  • Features: All 6 LED combined together generates 24W. Aluminum casing with thermal paste layering for heat sink & cooling. 2-Foot wire & FREE ON/OFF Switch for installation. Color temperature of 6500K. Upto 60,000 service hours
  • Water Resistant: Epoxy layers & rubber sealants prevent water splashes & circuit damage.
  • Protection Engineering: Condenser protect LEDs from damage on voltage surge, Diodes avert Short Circuit & Reverse Polarity damage.
  • Material: Aluminum Casing & Nylon ABS Plastic Side Guards, PMMA Acrylic Lens, Metalized Plastic Reflector Cups, Rubber Sealants.

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