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Autofy 1 YEAR WARRANTY StreetGod Plug & Play Highway Indicator Flasher Relay For Yamaha R15 S Model, R15 V1 V2, FZ Old & FZ V2 (LED & Bulb Indicators)

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  • Works with LED & Bulb Indicators. Autofy R15 highway indicator flasher DOES NOT VOID?S YOUR BIKE’s WARRANTY and is completely Waterproof & Shockproof (PLUG STREETGOD INTO THE WHITE COUPLERS ONLY).
  • Autofy offers 1 year warranty on indicator flasher relay module. Now use this R15 indicator flasher in road trip expeditions, off-roadings, mountain rides and in extreme weather conditions like fog, rain, dust.
  • Built exclusively for Yamaha r15 Fz, Just plug it in your bike & you?re ready to blaze.
    Premium Components – Genuine OEM Couplers makes this Autofy indicator flasher an extremely handy Plug & Play accessory. It is so easy that you do not need any external help or mechanic.
  • Advance Features – 21 patterns like hazard, police patrolling, US Army etc., Easy ON/OFF & Pattern Switch, Auto Cut: Autofy indicator flasher is smart – it gets OFF when you use indicators & gets ON again when you stop indicators and works only when ignition is ON.
  • Technical Details – Works at 12V Voltage, drawing less than 100mA current. Once switched On, it can work for weeks. Output or Load is 25W each side so you can connect Halogen Bulb Indicators or LED indicators as per you wish!

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  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY: Autofy flasher come with 1 Year Warranty on Plug & Play R15 flasher module.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Perfect fit for Yamaha R15 S Model, R15 V1 V2, Old FZ & FZ V2 (NOT COMPATIBLE WITH FZ 3.0 & FZ 25)
  • PLUG & PLAY INSTALLATION: 6 Pin Genuine OEM Couplers of Yamaha bikes are used to make this indicator flasher Plug & Play – no wire cutting or slicing required for installation & your bike’s warranty remains intact (PLUG STREETGOD INTO THE WHITE COUPLERS ONLY).
  • INDICATOR SUPPORT & WORKING: Designed for LED & Bulb indicators both. Features Simple ON/OFF switch & integrated pattern change switch for easiest working. Now no need to stress your stock bike indicator button.
  • TECHNICAL SPECS: 21 Patterns, Auto Cut when indicator turned on – flasher auto starts when indicators are turned off, Simple ON/OFF switch with integrated pattern change button, Short Circuit Protection, Reverse Polarity Protection, 100% Sealed Waterproof & Shockproof Cabinet.

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